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Dental and Medical Device Companies Listing Management Service

Interested in establishing a strong local presence for your medical business? Optimizing and targeting your services locally is a unique way to promote your services. Listings Management is very important in getting listed and ranking high in local search results. Whether you are a Medical Device Company, Physician or an Orthodontist it is important to be visible to your customers. At DocDigital, a Local SEO Company, we focus on Listings Management that get you results including high ROI.

Listing Management for Dental and Medical Device Companies Businesses

We optimize and ensure your search listings are consistent so you can improve results across your brand and get the most out of your search engine optimization (SEO). We also make certain your website is accurate so you can be found more easily by potential patients searching for your practices services.

Benefits of Dental and Medical Device Companies Listings Management

Improved Search Engine Results

Everyone of the listings that you’ll be placed in provide a healthy backlink to your website, and create a new piece of real estate on search engines. By keeping your phone numbers, directions and hours updated, you give yourself or your practice the opportunity to acquire new patients more quickly than others.

Consistent Opportunities for Conversion

A healthy, consistent listing across all listings lead to a quicker conversion for your physicians or practice. We’ll provide reporting and or access that will detail calls to action, practice information, impressions, clicks and more.

Does your healthcare practice rank at the top of search results? Want your practice to rank at the top? Contact us today!

What We Help You with?

  • Setting Up a Google and other Local Business Pages: A local presence is crucial and being involved in all possible local listing directories is important. Directories such as Google, Yelp, Bing and others are very important in managing your local presence. Getting your practice to rank organically requires this type presence.
  • Categorizing your Local Page: It is very critical to categorize your local listing page to give the user an idea of who you are and what services you offer.
  • Monitoring Local Reviews and Reputation: Having several reviews from satisfied patients or customers in your local services area is a critical component to this process.
  • Building Local Links & Citations: Relevant inbound links from local websites from healthcare related sites give your website authority in your market area. Local directories can also be used for building citations. We use advanced digital marketing tools to track existing citations and upload new local citations.
  • Landing Page Optimization with Local Keyword Data: On-page content is very important for local search listings. We make sure that your pages are properly set up with the relevant code and information to rank high in Google.
  • Location based Social Media Management: Social Media and its signals now have a big impact on your local rankings.
  • Device Optimization: Optimizing your site so that it delivers quickly to the consumer no matter what device they are via desktop, smartphone or ipad is a big factor in where your listings will rank.
  • Localized Pay Per Click Campaigns: We can manager your advertising campaigns and target them to your local service areas as well as your target demographic.

The DocDigital Advantage

We don’t just provide local listings management to local, small business and mid-size business companies. Our staff is experienced and ready to get your Dental and Medical Device Companies business ranking at the top of the page.

Give us a call at 1-860-415-0340 and put your practice on the path to local SEO success.

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