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Dermatologists Online Advertising

You might have heard of online advertising, search engine marketing, instagram ads, facebook ads, google ads, google marketing and more! It can sometimes be overwhelming. Not when you work with DocDigital! What is Online Advertising? Online Advertising is the strategy of putting your message and contact information in front of prospective patients while they are searching for the services you offer and to follow them around with your message to remind them about you. People are searching online in places like Google more than ever for health related services and questions. Would you like to put your message in front of prospective patients while they are searching for the services you offer and draw new patients to your practice? Give us a call at 1-860-415-0340 now!

What is Online Advertising?


PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising. PPC ads charge customers for actual results.Your medical practice or facility only pays when potential customers click on the ads.

Display Advertising

Similar to Pay-Per-Click ads, Display Ads appear on websites to targeted users based on demographics, interests, and search topics. Display Ads appear on sites that your potential customers are searching through targeting with a banner ad or video.


Retargeting with Google/ Facebook/ Youtube or Instagram  places your Display Ads in front your prospective patients and customers because they previously engaged with an advertisement of yours or visited your website. We would create a campaign to follow them around where they visited on the web to increase the opportunity they do business with you.

What Platforms Are Used To Advertise?

Increase Your Visibility With Search Engine Marketing (SEM) By DocDigital

The easiest way to the top of Google search results is paid search advertising, otherwise known as Pay-per-click (PPC). Search Engine Ads appear above organic search results on major search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo! When prospective or current patients search for services offer by you or your practice your ad appears and when they click on it you they are directed to your website.

DocDigital specializes in helping you develop a digital advertising strategy to reach the exact type of patient you are looking for in your market area. We use a variety of digital advertising platforms based that generate the highest results for the lowest cost per acquisition. Ready to start reaching new patients searching for your services and retargeting existing patients to get them back through the door? Stop Waiting!

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