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Digital Marketing for Psychiatrists
You need an engaging website to be navigated easily by your patients and build patient trust.

Having a custom medical website is an integral part of your practice’s online strategy. It starts with ranking high in the search engines and then serving your target market with valuable content and resources. Whether it be current patients trying to find information about your practice or prospective patients looking at your reviews, our proven strategies and years of experience give you the trust and confidence that we have got your digital presence covered so you can focus on your patients.

DocDigital provides you with a complete digital marketing strategy for your medical practice. DocDigital marketing services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Local & Business Mapping Listings, Mobile, Paid Search PPC, Analytics, Reviews & Reputation Programs, Social Media Management, and much much more. We take your goals, create a web strategy, and then build and manage your web-based marketing program.. This is what drives your practice’s medical digital marketing success.

Build a new medical website or redesign an existing one!

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DocDigital Medical Marketing Services

Website Design and Redesign

The responsive medical website we design for you will portray your practice’s professional image, encourage engagement and build patient trust.

Our web designers have a deep understanding of creating engaging medical websites. They know that:

  • Responsive web design is the only way by today’s standards
  • Page speed is crucial and  having interactive content including images and videos
  • An user friendly easily navigable website is crucial


Our goal is the get your practice and the services you offer ranking high in Google and other search engines so that when someone is searching for your services you are at the top and they click on you.

Local SEO

For any practice, local listings are really important. We will manage that for you in portals such as Google My Business, Yelp and Yahoo Local. It helps prospective patients, searching for the kind of services you offer find you faster.

Paid Search (PPC Marketing)

While organic search is the highest priority, paid search or PPC marketing can help maximize ROI by placing ads on the side of search pages. This strategy improves your visibility, and you only pay when the ad gets clicked. PPC marketing is a very high ROI strategy for physician practices.

Social Media Optimization

Building your name and your brand up in your community is essential. We have strategies for the major social networks out there including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and others.

Reputation Management

For a physician practice, reputation is everything. We closely monitor your reviews and any mention made of your practice in the social networks and local listings to make sure they are positive. If not, we will work with you and keep you informed of the situation.

Content Submission

Submitting quality content to high ranking niche sites help generate backlinks and inbound traffic for your medical website. DocDigital’s content writers know what it takes to create quality content.


Blogs build engagement and a following if they are relevant and useful to people. Our writers can create fantastic blog content for practices, which helps them build a dedicated following.

Website Analytics

We make use of the most modern tools to monitor the performance of your website, in terms of visits, engagement, bounce rate, conversions, etc. Are goal is to see improved engagements every month. We will share this data with you and review.

Helping Psychiatrists Advance their Digital Presence

Establishing and maintaining a high quality digital presence is a necessity for all practices to effectively promote their services online. We understand the guidelines that medical practice websites must adhere to, and will assist your practice in building and maintaining a website that really stands out, ranks high in search engines and gets you results.

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